Monthly Archives: August 2014

To the beaches

“Oh! to be back on the beach on the Ile de Ré…”

It’s what I was thinking as the weather in England appeared to be deciding “That’s enough summer for now.”

So, time for an end of season trip back to the sunshine?

Above is the beach at La Couarde at high tide.

Below the tide is out…

One of the many delights of the Ile de Ré is that the beaches are always changing.  As the tides turn everything is refreshed and renewed.  In addition because the tide times change, one day you can visit in the morning and there’s a massive expanse of flat smooth sand yet several days later you reach the beach at high tide and it’s a quite different scene.

photo 1(3)

If you fancy a bit of blue sky and sunshine in September our house in St Martin de Ré is still available for part of the month.  Details on how to book are here…

Or go direct to the French agency here…