Vintage rides on the Ile de Ré

Morris sur l'ilot St Martin de Ré

We first travelled to the Ile de after seeing a newspaper article claiming the beaches were a bit like Cornwall in the 1950’s.   It’s certainly a great place to take a vintage car for a spin.


We came across these Renaults as we were cycling back along the coast from La Flotte.  They were parked on the grass behind the St Martin de beach, la plage de la Cible.


They are 1940’s and 50’s Renault 4CV’s.  I was particularly impressed by the single wheeler luggage carrier stuck on the back of one of them.


It was also great to see the little touches of French style…


This one had gained a registration plate showing the year it was built…


Another had the classic French yellow headlamps…


I assume Inspector Maigret might have travelled in one of these…


With the uniformed officers following in this…


I don’t know what the VW Beetle was doing among all the French cars but I do know that the Morris Minor had made it safely all the way from London.

However you want to get there,  you can find out more about our house in St Martin de here…,vacances,iledere,st-martin-de-re,maison-de-pays/0312.html

The calendar will soon be updated to show 2015 but you can already book by email.




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