Monthly Archives: December 2015

December on the Ile de Ré

Blue skies and empty beaches, what isn’t there to like about the Ile de Ré in December? I’ve written before about Christmas on the island, have a look here for some pictures.  However in the weeks running up to the holiday it can feel like the island is yours and yours alone.

Out on the cycle route from St Martin de Ré to Ars you can be peddling for half an hour and not see anyone.  In fact the best way to show any human activity is to photo your shadow in the winter sunshine.

The good thing is that while the paths and cycle routes are quiet you can still get a good meal. Places like Bistrot Marin in St Martin de Ré stay open through the winter, just taking a couple of weeks off for annual holidays.

Of course there are some Christmas lights up already.  They’ve even been busy on the historic Vauban walls surrounding St Martin de Ré.

If you want to see our home in St Martin de Ré do have a look here.  It’s already booked-up for the Christmas – New Year break but we are now taking reservations for 2016.