Island dreaming 2016 on the Ile de Ré

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A new year on the Ile de Ré and the time many islanders let us know their hopes for the months ahead.  Each village has its own Cérémonie de vœux.  I was thinking what would I be wishing for and realised it is all those things that make the island such a wonderful place. The reasons I think the Ile de Ré is a perfect holiday destination.

Lets begin with breakfast.  A lovely baguette de tradition française bought from the local market or at the boulangerie on St Martin de Ré harbour…

After breakfast we are usually straight out on the bikes.  The Ile de Ré is a dream for cyclists. There are around about 100 kilometres of cycle paths, many going straight through the vineyards and salt marshes.  Oh and if you hate hills, don’t worry.  The highest point on the island is a mere 19 metres above sea level.

While out on your cycle you also get to meet the local wildlife.  The salt marshes are home to thousands of birds but the Ile de Ré is also famous for its donkeys…


You can always cycle to one of the villages where it is market day.  This is La Flotte and this man only sells island produce.  It can look so fresh, you will want to go home and cook with it.


Must be time for lunch.  Seafood by the sea I think…

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It really was by the sea, I was just concentrating on the food at the time.  But if it is waves you are after, there are plenty of them.  This is one of the beaches at Bois Plage…


Then all I would dream for is a bit of people watching down on St Martin de Ré harbour. Possibly from the terrace at Au Lever Du Soleil.  Then it would have to be dinner at our favourite restaurant, Bistrot Marin…

And at the end of the day, a great sunset…


If that is the kind of day you dream of, have a look at our holiday home here and book a stay now.

This year there are even more flights to La Rochelle airport which is a 20 minute drive from our house.  TGV’s to La Rochelle station connect with the island bus.




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