Easter on the Ile de Ré


Easter on the Ile de Ré  isn’t like Easter in the UK.  For a start the French school holidays aren’t linked to Easter, so this week you are more aware of Spanish, British and Belgian families rather than French holidaymakers.  However, Easter is still important. It does mark the beginning of the season and one annual pilgrimage.  The first ice cream of the year.


La Martinière has been named one of the best ice cream makers in France.   They serve up more than 60 different flavours and Easter Saturday was the first chance anyone got to taste them in 2016. People were packing the pavement in St Martin de Ré to get their hands on the tasty cones.

I like Juliette’s idea of trying a new flavour every day of her holidays. You can even have a Madras ice cream and how about oyster?

Whatever your taste in ice creams, check out our house here and then you can stay just a 5 minute walk from La Martinière.  Oh, and they do crepes and waffles too.




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