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Brocante time


It’s that time of year.  People are clearing out their homes ready for another summer.  On the island it means more and more open air sales.  One of the biggest is in St Martin de Ré on May 29th.  The annual Brocante Vide-Grenier de Printemps is on the Place de la République.  Our house  http://reagence.fr/location,vacances,iledere,st-martin-de-re,maison-de-pays/0312.html contains plenty bought on the square.


These pictures are of another Brocante.  One that happens regularly on the harbour at Ars en Ré.  We bought a couple of benches here.  But we could have created a bit of fake family history.  Fancy a few old relatives on your walls?   This set would do the job.

Re Avril 2014 053

Even if you come away empty handed it is always worth a visit.  A chance to see how people lived.  What people cared about.  Occasionally I think how did that get here?

Re Avril 2014 057

Ile de Ré on TV

Near Les Portes

You can see the  Ile de Ré on television this week.  The global French channel TV5 Monde is repeating a programme that has already aired in France.  Thalassa is a regular show on France 3.  This edition “La Rochelle, vivre l’Atlantique” celebrates La Rochelle and its nearby islands, focussing on how people live and work by or on the sea.  In the UK you can see it Tuesday May 20th at 22.56.  Part of the programme is up on YouTube showing some lovely blue skies and sunny beaches.



Ré Christmas

It may not be sunbathing on the beach weather but there is still plenty to excite on the Ile de Ré at Christmas.

This year probably top honours for a festive display have to go to the Café du Commerce in Ars-en-Ré for their all white efforts.

Then there are the lights outside the church 5 minutes from our house in Saint Martin de Ré.


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