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Ile de Ré 2017


With summer finally over, it must be time to start thinking 2017.  This week booking opened for next year on our agency website.  So if you are thinking about the Ile de Ré for your next holiday, here are a few pictures of summer 2016 on the island.



The beach here is Bois Plage.  The boats are in Saint Martin de Ré harbour, a five minute walk from our house.


Everyone we speak to about their experiences holidaying on the Ile de Ré says they find it very relaxing. Somehow somewhere wonderful. A place to recharge your batteries and be outside. The beaches, the cycling, the salt making, the vineyards and oyster shacks. Even the donkeys.


One thing that we did this year that we haven’t done before is have dinner at Plage de la Cible. It’s the nearest beach to our home, you can walk it in about ten minutes.


The sun was still out as we sat down.  We walked home watching the sunset.


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Bastille Day on Ré



The sun has set and it is getting close to 11 at night.  We are sitting on the harbour wall in St Martin de Ré waiting for the fireworks to begin.  It’s the end of a Bastille Day that began with ceremonial events in the various villages across the Ile de Ré .  We were in La Courade…


This year’s events while being festive were also a little more serious, coming so close to the hundredth anniversary of the start of La Grande Guerre.


Of course once the band had finished playing and the free plastic tricolores had been handed out it was business as usual.  La Courade was busy enjoying a holiday.


Even though it was France’s biggest holiday, the island didn’t seem particularly busy this July 14th.  I have seen it busier on a sunny Sunday in May.  In fact until the evening fireworks St Martin felt rather quiet.  More importantly it was looking rather beautiful.


As the sun started to set we went looking for a comfortable spot to see the fireworks.


When Vauban designed the walls that encircle St Martin de Ré he probably wasn’t thinking about comfort but his thick fortifications were a great place to lie down and watch the sun disappear and the fireworks begin.

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Ile de Ré on TV again

French television has been coming live from the Ile de Ré ahead of the peak holiday season.

I didn’t manage to see it all of “Midi en France” but one show featured a trip round St Martin de Ré complete with the view from the church tower. I think I can even make out the back of our house which is a 5 minute walk from the port.

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For people wanting to come by plane or train, the good news is that this summer there are two buses an hour to St Martin from La Rochelle. Some even stop at the airport.