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Jazz on Ré

“Jimmy Cliff’s playing the Ile de Ré !”  It’s the kind of comment that makes you go “What?” However, it’s true, the man himself will be playing in the shadow of the island’s lighthouse this weekend.

Sadly we won’t be seeing Jimmy, but there is plenty of music just down the road from our house in St Martin de Ré.  We caught these guys just the other week. They are called Shadja and they are all local or from La Rochelle.

The band went down a treat with a glass of wine at  Le radeau de La Meduse.  This little bar and art gallery opened a few hundred metres from our house last year.


Not only can you sit inside and enjoy the music close up, there’s the added bonus that you can be in Le radeau’s garden and still enjoy the band.  Live music in the open air in the summertime.  What’s not to like?

Our house is already booked through the Jazz au Phare festival but we still have availabilty for the end of August and early September. Check the calendar here.