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More Music on Ré

We were in our garden having dinner when suddenly the music started up.  We could hear it clearly as it was coming from just round the corner on Place de la République, the main square in St Martin de Ré .  It sounded lovely as it came through the trees, so food finished, we went for a closer look.

The square had been sealed off earlier in the day and a temporary stage put up for the free night at the opera.  The evening was a bit more than a greatest hits performance but somehow they managed to condense three Rossini operas into one show.

The night was part of the annual Musique en Ré festival that sees performances across the Ile de Ré including some that are free and in the open air.  It was a lovely way of spending a warm summer evening.

The last opera featured was the Barber of Seville.  Darkness descended as the music came to an end but then as an added bonus there were fireworks to add to the memory of another lovely night on Ré .

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Sunset on Ré

At the end of another lovely sunny day on the Ile de Ré, the best if often still to come.  Sunset. It is suprising how often that half hour before the sun disappears seems somewhat magical on the island.  You are really aware of it walking round St Martin de Ré harbour.

Before the lovely peachy pink colours of the last rays of sun, St Martin de Ré is often tinted a  golden yellow.  The sun reflecting on the stone of some of the older buildings.

There is certainly something about the light on the island.  Bright clear days in midwinter and supposedly as much sun as they get down on the French Riviera.

The Ile de Ré does benefit from a micro-climate as it sticks out into the Atlantic Ocean.  This is the view at sunset last winter from one of St Martin’s bars,  Au Lever du Soleil.

From St Martin if you look across the water to the north west, you see the sun setting over another island village, Loix.  When the sun has finally gone, you turn your back on it to walk home, knowing that tomorrow could bring another beauty.

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Breakfast walk

When we were looking for a house on the Ile de one of our first thoughts was that the morning walk to get a fresh baguette must be a good one.  Well it is.


These pictures, all taken last month, show how even in winter the less than 5 minute stroll to the boulangerie in St Martin de is an enjoyable one.

Soon the greenery will turn more colourful with plenty of yellow, red and orange flowers en route.  There are already a few.

Look up and you will be suprised at what you see.  I had walked past this corner many times before clocking the skull…

In fact it is at the skull you turn to go straight down to the harbour and the boulangerie.

And there at the end of the road is the harbour.  Because it is tidal every morning the boats are at a different level.  Some mornings, though not today,  it is part hidden by mist.  All very dramatic.

And after a quick glance at the harbour you turn back on yourself.  There is the boulangerie.  You can’t miss it.  It’s the building with a merry-go-round in front of it.

And of course having got your baguette, there’s only one thing to do before heading home with it.  Have a nibble.  A great start to your day on Ré.

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Our holiday home on the Ile de Ré


If you are thinking summer 2015 and holidays you have come to the right place.  Have a look at these pictures of our house on the Ile de .  It’s easy to rent if you click on any picture on this blog post.

Our house on the Ile de Ré is a 3 bedroom cottage in the heart of Saint Martin de   that sleeps up to 8.  There are 2 double rooms though one bed can be separated to make a twin.  In addition the third room has a pair of bunk beds big enough for adults if needs be.

The shops and the harbour are just 5 minutes walk away and a 10 minute walk takes you to the nearest beach.

Downstairs there’s a huge living room with dining area. Outside, there is a large round Fermob table and chairs.  There’s a second table in case children want to eat or play away from the grown-ups.  You’ll also find there’s a Weber BBQ.

In the unlikely event it isn’t parasol weather, there is a covered outdoor area which is also handy for keeping any rented bicycles in overnight.

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Ré Christmas

As it is Christmas, I thought it would be good to see my festive photos of the Ile de Ré again.

It may not be sunbathing on the beach weather but there is still plenty to excite on the island over the holiday season.

Last year probably top honours for a festive display went to the Café du Commerce in Ars-en-Ré for their all white efforts.

Then there are the lights outside the church 5 minutes from our house in Saint Martin de Ré.


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If you are after August 2015, be warned, we only have one week left!


Ile de Ré on TV

Near Les Portes

You can see the  Ile de Ré on television this week.  The global French channel TV5 Monde is repeating a programme that has already aired in France.  Thalassa is a regular show on France 3.  This edition “La Rochelle, vivre l’Atlantique” celebrates La Rochelle and its nearby islands, focussing on how people live and work by or on the sea.  In the UK you can see it Tuesday May 20th at 22.56.  Part of the programme is up on YouTube showing some lovely blue skies and sunny beaches.